21st Century Bosses



Nowadays, such books seem about as outdated as a literal Business Degree. Today the number of businesses owners under 30 has fallen by 65% since the 1980s. But it’s not to say that the era of the self-made man is over. Millennials are born entrepreneurs. According to Forbes, 60% of millennials consider themselves entrepreneurs, and 90% recognize entrepreneurs as a “mentality”. Fresh out the womb and millennials are planning their re-brand.

The 21st Century Boss doesn’t own a brick and mortar business, they own ideas. The rapid rise of freelance is making bosses out of us. People are calling this the 4th Industrial Revolution. A groundbreaking study found that 50% of millennials are now freelancing. In America alone, freelancers contributed to $1.4 trillion annually last year. Intellectual Property (IP) has become a trillion-dollar industry.

Thanks to Steve Jobs and Normcore, it's impossible to spot these trillionaires in the crowd. The wealth signifiers of the past, sports car, and a nice suit have been traded in for Tevas and a skateboard. Scouting for your future husband has turned into a nightmare game of Wheel of Fortune. But at least you can work from bed! You can work wherever you please. With the help of social media and e-commerce, anyone with a computer can be a 21st Century Boss. The numbers don't lie; millennials want flexibility. More and more people are starting their own brand, or managing their own contracts.